Tuesday, October 30, 2012

MBF (Morris Bullshit Factor)

"click here" for the audio of Dick Morris blowing smoke up your tookus. Follow along on the chart below showing the all-knowing-all-seeing Dick Morris predictions compared to the Real Clear Politics state averages.  We've also included the MBF.

Morris Bullshit Factor
CO Romney +4 or 5
FL Romeny +4 or 5
Romney +1.4
VA Romney +4 or 5

NH Romney +2
Obama +2
PA Romney +3
Obama +4.7
Oh tie
Obama +1.9
IA tie
Obama +2.3
WI tie
Obama +2.3
MI tie
Obama +4
MN Obama +3
Obama +5.3
NV Obama +2
Obama +2.4

Friday, October 26, 2012

Romney Will Lose If He Continues To Play It Safe

If you only listen to Fox News and Rush Limbaugh you believe Romney is winning. He's not, he's losing. Both Real Clear Politics and Intrade have Obama with 281 electoral votes with 11 days til the election. You only need 270 to win. Intrade predicted every state correctly in 2004 and had two states reversed in 2008.

Move your cursor over each state “click here” to see the candidates chance of winning. Notice Virginia has moved back toward Obama and has more chance of going for Obama than Ohio does of going for Romney. There have been a lot of one-off polls showing Pennsylvania and Michigan in play, however Intrade shows otherwise. Colorado is a toss up and currently leans Obama. Iowa and New Hampshire are trending Obama, while Wisconsin and Nevada are currently dark blue.

This is a far different picture from the one being painted by Sean Hannity, Dick Morris and Karl Rove. So then why is Romney pulling his punches on Benghazi? It's becoming clearer every day Obama refused to send in a rescue mission because he's haunted by the Jimmy Carter failed rescue attempt back in 1980.

I believe the Benghazi scandal has the potential of becoming one of the biggest in U.S. history. So again, why is Romney sitting with his arms folded? Because he's just as risk averse as Obama. He's terrified the media will again accuse him of politicizing the death of these four men. What, and Obama is not playing politics by withholding virtually all information, for nearly two months, until after the election?

Forget about the politics for a moment, only Romney has a megaphone large enough to force the media to get off their butts. The families deserve the truth and the American people deserve the truth. Once the truth comes out, the political consequences for Obama will be well deserved. If people knew Obama did nothing for seven hours while four of our men were being murdered, the election would be over. The problem is most people don't know. Now imagine how you'll feel on Nov. 7th if Romney loses because he played it safe by letting Obama off the hook on Benghazi.

Monday, October 22, 2012

How To Keep From Having A Stroke On Nov. 6th

This post has been going around Twitter for the last couple of days.

ROMNEY NOW HAS ELECTORAL LEAD!!!!!!!!!! RCP Polls: Romney takes 1st LEAD in electoral college: RCP industry bible

If you click on the link it takes you to this RCP map "click here"
It shows Romney with a 206 to 201 electoral vote lead. However in order to get there they have to show 131 toss ups.

If you simply click one link to the right it brings you to this page, "click here" the electoral map with no toss ups.  Now Obama is winning 277 to 261.

On Saturday I pointed out to someone on Twitter that the obscure poll she was touting "click here" was about as valid as the Lincoln Elementary poll.  She didn't like that so she blocked me.

My point is simply that if you only accept positive news, it still doesn't change reality.  Too many on my side are ignoring anything that might upset them.  Romney has been on an unprecedented surge lately and very well might win this thing.  But ignoring any negative news and only believing right-wing hype, just might cause you to have a stroke on Nov. 6

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Replace Romney With Whom, The Ghost Of Reagan?

Ok it all started when I harmlessly pointed out that Obama was up by two points in Rasmussen and five points in the Fox News poll.  Then I get this twitter reply:

Wow. Let's just skip the election! You probably watch MSNBC too, right? #pollworship

Now was it really necessary to be snippy right off the bat?  I mean what ever happened to small talk? "You look like you have a nice follow through" or "I like your shoes" ya know, a few pleasantries. The MSNBC quip was a bit harsh but then to follow it up with the #pollworship dig was way over the top.  Am I right?  Do I look like a pollworshipper? C'mon.  That was followed by:

"Polls are easily manipulated. Many polls in 1980 showed Carter ahead. They are meant to moralize opposition"

I think he meant 'demoralize' but I let it go because I knew what he meant and I didn't want to come across as snippy.  However I still had to point out the myth of the Reagan comeback, because it was just that, a myth.  So I posted this article, "click here"

I don't think John cared much for the article because of this:

"Gee, thanks. I'm just gonna not vote" to which I replied:

When u say "Gee, thanks. I'm just gonna not vote" do u mean I read it but it made me sad bc I don't want 2 believe it's true?

Ok I admit that might have come across as a bit snippy, but even someone as mild mannered as myself can only refrain from being snippy for so long.

The heat was turned up when he said something about feeling bad for my defeatist mentality and that the pollsters had me right where they wanted me.  So now you're probably thinking I lashed out with another snippy comment, but you're wrong.  I calmly said:  we have a problem, ignoring it solves nothing. What's sad is so many on my side act like dems. "Well my intentions were good, I tried"

The larger point I was trying to make is we have to defeat Obama.  Our problem is Romney simply doesn't have the skill set or the temperament to win.  Simply crossing our fingers and closing our eyes is going to give us the same result as four years ago.

John told me to do something other than just complain.  So then I got super snippy and said: "John, no offense but I'm going to put u in the click your heels twice, fairy dust, unicorn column, but again no offense."  Ok perhaps I'm not always so mild mannered.  Especially seeing as how I followed up with: "so your plan is to ignore the polls, chant U-S-A, U-S-A, have i got that about right?

Now I have to admit John did respond with a good question.  "Replace Romney with whom, the ghost of Reagan?" Granted I could have done without the 'ghost of Reagan' snark, but still a valid question.  I said: "Romney should leave the campaign trail and turn it over to Ryan.  After the election Romney steps down and Ryan picks a new VP."

I'm serious.  Four years ago we knew weeks before election day, it was over.  We still have a month before judgement day. Are we really just going to sit quietly with our arms folded while we once again head over the cliff?  We've been told for the last year and a half if Obama wins reelection we won't survive.  Was that just hyperbole or did you really mean it?  Because if you really meant it, we do what ever it takes.

Things turned sour again when he went off on another 'manipulation of polls' rant and something about the evils of excess salt in our diet.  I may have called him a half baked wackadoodle, I really don't remember.  But I do remember comparing him to an emotional former girlfriend, during that time of the month.

I also told him earlier in the day Rush Limbaugh was talking about republican enthusiasm being 16 points higher than that of the democrats.  Listen to this Steve Deace interview of republican pollster Rick Shaftan.  Rick says the exact opposite. "click here for audio"

The reply:

WI recall polls had Scott Walker down 8%. How'd that work out?

This is probably where we reached the point of no return.  I said: "I don't know why in the era of Google you think you can make shit up and get away with it."  PPP is a dem pollster,  "click here"

Yup, a bridge too far.  Perhaps I should have said 'crap' instead of 'shit'.  These were the last words I ever heard from John: "Go watch a skin vid, sir. I'm finished with you. Adios"

So what can we learn from this tragedy? First, relationships are hard.  Second, if you're headed over the same cliff two presidential elections in a row maybe it's time to say: "AW HELL NO!!"

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Battered GOP Voter Syndrome

'Battered wife syndrome' the wife tolerates being mistreated and abused because she fears dealing with the situation would only make her life worse. “Ok so he cheats on you and mistreats you, do you really want to raise the kids on your own?”

'Battered GOP voter syndrome' is exactly the same. “Yeah the GOP's candidate ran to the left of Ted Kennedy, signed socialized medicine into law and proclaimed his views to be progressive, do you really want to cause the destruction of the entire planet by allowing Obama to be reelected?”

Chicken Little Karl Rove and the boys have been telling us for over a year that Mitt is the only one electable and if we dare stray, the world will fall off it's axis, spin out of control and explode. Every time I hear a Romney rollover parrot a variation it feels as if my middle finger instantly receives a jolt of Viagra. The GOP establishment like clockwork pulls out the fear mongering playbook with time tested oldies like: “justice Kennedy is 106, justice Breyer is 108 and Ginsberg is already on life support”, in other words it's always too risky to nominate a conservative”.

The Karl Rove types have to be laughing at just how easy it is to simply say 'boo' and then watch half the base dive under the bed. Ever ask yourself why leaders of the professed conservative Republican Party fight against conservatives with the same furor as the dems? Could it be that the GOP is just blowing smoke up our tookus in order to get back in power. It could.

So what is gained by electing Romney? zip, zero, nada. This week Romney said there should be no cuts for the first year, keep the bloated Obama budget in place for a year and then maybe we'll convene another blue ribbon panel. So before he's even nominated Romney has sold out one quarter of his term. He has also made it very clear this week he is determined to turn the GOP over to the McCain, Mike Leavitt, Lindsey Graham wing of the party. We already have enough girly-men in the republican leadership unwilling to stand up to the dems on the budget, Romney will only empower the girly-men to be bigger wusses.

Final point. The rollovers say we can't afford another four more years of Obama. Can we afford eight years of a liberal republican? Or four years of a liberal republican and then four years of a liberal Hillary Clinton? Ever since Reagan we have been too afraid to stand up to the phony GOP establishment. At some point on our current path to becoming Greece we will have to stand up to the GOP, this is that point. Romney cannot be the nominee. Four more years of muddling through with Obama is doable, empowering the GOP to act like democrats for another thirty is not.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Il Marchio Italiano è Inestimabile

Quando il magnate dei casinò di Las Vegas Steve Wynn ha deciso di costruire il resort migliore del mondo, ha costruito il Bellagio. Quando Sheldon Adelson ha voluto competere con Steve Wynn ha costruito il Venetian (Veneziano).  Entrambi gli uomini hanno scelto il Marchio Italiano, ma perché? Perché non l'Inghilterra, perché non la Russia, o la Svezia o la Germania o il Giappone.

Loro hanno scelto l'Italia perché l'Italia e l'italiano ritrarre qualcosa di unico nel nostro mondo, una romanza una bellezza uno stile che è puramente italiana. Qualcuno una volta mi ha detto che non si parla italiano si canta italiano. Quando il signor Adelson replicò il Canal Grande, completa di gondolieri canterini, era ben consapevole della seduzione della lingua italiana.

Quando noi americani stiamo decidendo in quale ristorante andare, di solito scegliamo tra tre, bistecca, frutti di mare o italiano. Anche in questo caso perché italiana e non rumena? Forse per lo stesso motivo valutiamo abiti italiani e scarpe italiane e opere italiane, valutiamo l'artigianalità italiana contenuta in tutti e quattro.

Come confronta il marchio italiano con gli altri grandi marchi di oggi? Se si voleva competere con il più famoso marchio del mondo Coca Cola, non sarebbe così difficile da duplicare, o forse anche migliorare, la formula della Coca Cola. Il resto è semplicemente marketing. Ma replicare il marchio italiano non sarebbe così facile, se non impossibile.

Non si può semplicemente creare un altro Michelangelo Buonarroti , o Leonardo da Vinci. Non è possibile creare un'altra lingua italiana e non ci sarà mai un'altra città come Venezia. Il marchio italiano non può essere ripetuto perché è unico nel suo genere, ed è stato creato nel corso di migliaia di anni da milioni di persone di talento. Se fossi italiano potessi fare l'argomento che Dio aveva il pollice sulla bilancia quando ha dato il popolo italiano la loro bella lingua e la loro proprio penisola italiana.

Cittadini italiani adesso hanno bisogno di liberarsi dai burocrati che vogliano un governo grande in modo che la prossima generazione di Michelangelo Buonarroti, Leonardo da Vinci e Enzo Ferrari possano continuare a perfezionare il marchio italiano. Ma questa è un'altra discussione.

Friday, June 1, 2012

We're Becoming a Country of Euro Wimps

The real Tea Party, the Tea Party of Samual Adams was a lot different than the metrosexual Tea Party of today. The Samuel Adam's Tea Party, which helped contribute to the start of the Revolution, was made up of true believers, men willing to fight and die for their convictions.

Today's fight is pretty much the same as that of 240 years ago. The first Tea Partiers were not fighting because they were being shot at, or because their land was being overrun, or women being raped. They were fighting because taxes were too high, because their lives were being devalued. They were fighting against a form of slavery.

Today the term 'Tea Party' is almost blasphemy to the kind of men that fought and died for the cause of freedom. Even current Tea Party 'superheroes' like Paul Ryan and Jim DeMint are only willing to go so far. Give their lives, are you kidding?, they won't even risk their cushy $200k taxpayer salaries, or their status as 'distinguished gentlemen'.

This is painful, because if leaders like these would stand up to the establishment, it could change the tide. Instead the establishment uses them as examples to the unruly peasant class that it's time to get in line. But beyond the leaders, is there not even one elected official in Washington willing to risk, not his life, but simply his political career for conservative values he knows are true?

Ryan and DeMint are the rule and sadly there are no exceptions. The Republican rollover is virtually complete. Even media 'superheroes' Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin threw in the towel immediately after Santorum dropped out. Then there are the early rollovers, like Coulter, Drudge, Fox News et al. So what do all these poeple have in common?, as Rush always says: "follow the money".

I can just hear the admonition that went out at Fox News: "people you're all making really good money, shame if something were to happen to that". Yes even Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin are, to an extent, part of the ruling class, they're only willing to rock the boat so much. However, as voters, the ruling class can only 'play us', if we allow ourselves to be 'played'.

Samuel Adams said: "
It does not take a majority to prevail but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men". Fortunately every American generation is made up of a few jerks like Samuel Adams. Sam could have rolled over and things would have been relatively fine in the short term, but thank God he had enough of the a-hole gene in him to help convince America to separate itself from the Euro socialists, 240 years ago. That a-hole gene is still alive and well today, just watch.