Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Battered GOP Voter Syndrome

'Battered wife syndrome' the wife tolerates being mistreated and abused because she fears dealing with the situation would only make her life worse. “Ok so he cheats on you and mistreats you, do you really want to raise the kids on your own?”

'Battered GOP voter syndrome' is exactly the same. “Yeah the GOP's candidate ran to the left of Ted Kennedy, signed socialized medicine into law and proclaimed his views to be progressive, do you really want to cause the destruction of the entire planet by allowing Obama to be reelected?”

Chicken Little Karl Rove and the boys have been telling us for over a year that Mitt is the only one electable and if we dare stray, the world will fall off it's axis, spin out of control and explode. Every time I hear a Romney rollover parrot a variation it feels as if my middle finger instantly receives a jolt of Viagra. The GOP establishment like clockwork pulls out the fear mongering playbook with time tested oldies like: “justice Kennedy is 106, justice Breyer is 108 and Ginsberg is already on life support”, in other words it's always too risky to nominate a conservative”.

The Karl Rove types have to be laughing at just how easy it is to simply say 'boo' and then watch half the base dive under the bed. Ever ask yourself why leaders of the professed conservative Republican Party fight against conservatives with the same furor as the dems? Could it be that the GOP is just blowing smoke up our tookus in order to get back in power. It could.

So what is gained by electing Romney? zip, zero, nada. This week Romney said there should be no cuts for the first year, keep the bloated Obama budget in place for a year and then maybe we'll convene another blue ribbon panel. So before he's even nominated Romney has sold out one quarter of his term. He has also made it very clear this week he is determined to turn the GOP over to the McCain, Mike Leavitt, Lindsey Graham wing of the party. We already have enough girly-men in the republican leadership unwilling to stand up to the dems on the budget, Romney will only empower the girly-men to be bigger wusses.

Final point. The rollovers say we can't afford another four more years of Obama. Can we afford eight years of a liberal republican? Or four years of a liberal republican and then four years of a liberal Hillary Clinton? Ever since Reagan we have been too afraid to stand up to the phony GOP establishment. At some point on our current path to becoming Greece we will have to stand up to the GOP, this is that point. Romney cannot be the nominee. Four more years of muddling through with Obama is doable, empowering the GOP to act like democrats for another thirty is not.

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