Monday, October 22, 2012

How To Keep From Having A Stroke On Nov. 6th

This post has been going around Twitter for the last couple of days.

ROMNEY NOW HAS ELECTORAL LEAD!!!!!!!!!! RCP Polls: Romney takes 1st LEAD in electoral college: RCP industry bible

If you click on the link it takes you to this RCP map "click here"
It shows Romney with a 206 to 201 electoral vote lead. However in order to get there they have to show 131 toss ups.

If you simply click one link to the right it brings you to this page, "click here" the electoral map with no toss ups.  Now Obama is winning 277 to 261.

On Saturday I pointed out to someone on Twitter that the obscure poll she was touting "click here" was about as valid as the Lincoln Elementary poll.  She didn't like that so she blocked me.

My point is simply that if you only accept positive news, it still doesn't change reality.  Too many on my side are ignoring anything that might upset them.  Romney has been on an unprecedented surge lately and very well might win this thing.  But ignoring any negative news and only believing right-wing hype, just might cause you to have a stroke on Nov. 6

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